Ghost Pine's Jeff Miller

Filmed @ BLT Headquarters.

Jeff Miller – Writer of ‘Ghost Pine

J Miller’s been writing Ghost Pine Zine for 14-15 years. He released a new issue last month. BLT asked him what’s changed, how is writing different for him now compared to back then in the beginning? Seemed like a good question for anyone who’s worked on one thing for such a long time.

He said that though he’s got somewhat of a new pallet & tools, he’s dealing with the same subject matter, mostly true stories, trying to constantly improve. Then, he told BLT, he thought a lot while writing, & now he lets whatever come out.

At age 16, when GP began, he was thinking about his feeling, trying to tell people what he felt, feelings flowing and now he doesn’t care so much. His sweatshirt has chains on it. It looks great in black light time. GHOST PINE!

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