Filmed @ Braids record release.

BLT: Braids!

B:hi! Happy birthday!

BLT: It’s only going to take a minute but it’s going to take some thought, too, so… so the question is, what is the name of your album and what if an alien came and told you that you had to stop being a band, within a year’s time, or they’d destroy a small Ontario town and another alien came at the same time and said that they’d let you come to see her planet If you don’t break up, also in a year’s time. What would you do?

B: I have to ask an additional question on the second proposal. Do we get to come home?

BLT: yes. For sure.

B: Well if it’s a small town in Ontario… who the fuck cares!

B: but you guys, what if there’s someone living in that small town that’s super powerful? And they’ll blow up all the planets that we visit?

– I highly doubt this.

B: yes, but, you know…

– in a world where a bunch of aliens come down and propose these kinds of things?

B: sometimes you can roll snake eyes…

– highly improbable. I’m rolling for that seven.

-I wanna go to this planet. Your neck looks incredible.

-high contrast.

-holy shit.

B: our album is called native speaker.

– yeah, so native speaker would want us to go there.

BLT: has it become an entity?

B: its become an entity.

-it has its own mind, for sure.

Blt: and it would want you to let the town in Ontario go?

B: yeah. There are a lot of towns in Ontario. As long as it’s like, Dundas, or something.

B: Dundas?!

-isn’t that where Dan Snaith is from?

-shit, it’s true.

-yeah that would be killing all of caribou, that would not be good.

– you just blew up caribou.

-maybe Kingston.

-no, Kingston’s a big town.

-maybe a thousand islands or something,


-or something off the 401…

-something that we’ve never heard of. If it’s a town that we’ve never heard of…

-what about Timmins, Ontario?


-there we go.

-I’ve heard of Timmins, actually. My friend’s mom is from Timmins.


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  • Yes! The arc!

    By Webster January 26, 2011 @ 12:56 pm
  • weird.

    By Richard January 26, 2011 @ 3:39 pm
  • this is, hands down, the best interview i’ve ever heard! my god, so good. keep it up! you’re doing the world a great service.

    By holycat January 26, 2011 @ 7:14 pm
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