Hard to Imagine

It’s been a while! Black Light Times is a company owned and operated by Brian Rose. Brian Rose is a rich kid passionate about music & theatre & “capturing the light” (fuck you Brian). My name is Becky Tallsock (funny right? fuck off, I’ve heard it all!), I work for BLT. There’ve been tough times at the company, keeping this motive on track while Brian’s off “theme parc designing”, and constructing new buildings and other structures with long passages and “waves” (fuck off Brian) @ helloeveryone.org, “owning and operating”. I’ve been answering the phone, setting up new interviews with stars, getting camera people, answering questions from the more traditional press and also working as a reporter @ FFF magazine. I am fucking busy. Sometimes too busy to post the videos as they come in. Too busy to finish anything sometimes it seems! :( So thats why BLT announces a phenomenal new hire!

Charles Desbiens has come aboard to clean house & conduct interviews as well as handle the media. He is starting by contacting REAL composers and stars for new videos. We have had A FLOOD OF EMAILS this past week concerning the interview with my dad and having to shelve it due to the law stepping in. SORRY. :) But fuck off there’s nothing “I” can do. We are psyched Charles has come aboard these TIMES.
Thanks & looking forward under sheen, a soft lustre,
Becky  T.

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